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What is sourdough bread?

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Sourdough Bread has a legacy that is steeped in history. Its origins date back to 1500 BC when the Ancient Egyptians used sour dough to make their bread. Today you find sourdoughs everywhere. They are the breads that have a hard crunch on the outside, are deliciously soft on the inside and have a slight tang that is difficult to describe.

So, what makes the dough sour? In essence, sourdough is made from naturally occurring yeast and bacteria in flour. The fermentation allows the sugar to convert into celluar energy and in doing this it creates lactic acid.

Natural yeast, sometimes referred to as live yeast or wild yeast is the key ingredient in sourdough bread. These live yeast cultures are what give sourdough breads that live tangy flavour.

The live cultures don’t survive the baking process but what does survive is the lactic acid and that does lots of good!

Natural yeast and the lactic acid in the leaven neutralises the phytic acid while the bread proves during the acidification on the dough. Phytic acid inhibits the enzymes in the stomach which break down proteins and starch. When these enzymes are inhibited it creates digestive difficulties. That is why often commercial ‘healthy' whole grain bread is actually the worst bread for people with a wheat intolerance to have.

Sourdough bread is rich in micronutrients like calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc because the sourdough bacteria pre-digests the flour which releases these nutrients. Other breads do have these micronutrients but the phytic acid bonds with the minerals rendering them useless for our stomach.

These micronutrients make the bread taste richer and gives it a more open texture as the bread has had longer to rise.

Sourdough bread often has a longer preparation process than other breads resulting in more gluten being broken down into amino acids along the way. For anyone with a food intolerance which means you cannot digest ordinary breads, you may find that you can digest sourdough bread. Lactic acid increases the digestibility of food and the longer prep time means less gluten.

Sourdough bread works for you. It lasts longer and holds its moisture better than other breads. During fermentation all the bad bacteria is killed off so it prevents mould settling in.

So now you know all the benefits why not try one of our sourdough breads? If you come down to our Market Shop we will be sure to point you in the right direction.  

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